Year: 2019

Top Florida Cities and Their Top Neighborhoods for Your Lifestyle

If you’ve been bitten by the bug to relocate to a warmer climate, Florida has probably caught your attention. We have researched and read to find the top neighborhoods for you to check out when considering your move. While what is the best neighborhood is strictly subjective to each family, we want to provide a […]

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Florida Warranty Laws and Regulations

With any service warranty there have been claims they are not up to snuff. The state of Florida has taken this into consideration and determined that some regulations and guidelines need to be in place to protect the consumers and the businesses of home warranties. These regulations and guidelines are handled by the Florida State […]

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Home Warranties: the Good and the Bad

Years of negative reviews do not always mean the company is a bad company. They would not still be in business if a company denied every claim but customers are far more likely to file a complaint than to provide a compliment. This is true in all industries as well as home warranties. Home warranties […]

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