How to Reroof a House

How to Reroof a House

If your roof is either way too outdated or simply cannot meet your standards anymore, failing to protect you from weather elements, it’s probably time to start thinking to reroof your house. However, the process of finding the right roof and installing it is quite tedious and involves a lot of components.

In this article, we’ll try to guide you through the process of how to reroof a house and we’ll show you how to do that without breaking the bank.

Signs you Need a New Roof

There are numerous reasons to reroof your home. If the roof has been destroyed by hail damages and the amount of repairs exceeds the cost of buying a new roof, you should probably consider a reroof. Additionally, if the roof is quite old and the shingles keep curling up at the edges or breaking, you should also consider a reroofing.

The typical lifespan of a roof is of around 20 years, so you should sincerely consider hiring a roofing contractor to help you out if your roof is older than that.

The Process of Reroofing

When it comes to home reroofing, the process is similar. Basically, you need to tear it off and then install a new one. The main benefit of reroofing, when compared to installing a roof overlay, is that you can choose a whole new color, design, and material.

A new roof allows you to choose between asphalt shingles, slate roofing, wooden shingles, tile roofing or metal roofing. After you have chosen the design and color and the roof is up there, you need to ensure that your new roof is properly vented. You should also aim to install skylights and decorate your roof is possible.

What About the Cost to Reroof a House?

So how much does it cost to reroof a house? The total cost depends mainly on two criteria: the quality of the materials and the price offered by the roofing contractor. While asphalt shingles are the cheapest option, with around $7.500 per 1620 square feet, metal roofing can cost around $14,500. Natural slate, a material that lasts more than a century, could cost you even $50k or more.

When looking at the average cost to reroof a house, you also need to factor in the zip code. For example, the prices in Atlanta are much better than the prices in Las Vegas. In the US, most homeowners spend on average $7,500 on reroofing, with the lowest price at $1,200 and the highest price up to $100k+.

When it comes to how much to reroof a house, you should also consider certain grants that local government officials are willing to offer you. Of course, for the best price possible, you should consider DIY reroofing. However, for that, you need to have the experience for the job, personal insurance, and the right tools at your disposal. Never behind a reroofing process on your own before making sure you comply with all local rules and regulations.

What About Permits?

Do I need a permit to reroof my house? This is a legit question that all homeowners should ask before thinking to start reroofing their homes. Since your roof is part of your property’s envelope, you will need a permit. A permit is always required when the work is structural. While replacing a few shingles is not structural work, changing your entire roof or doing work at the vents, decking or any other part of the building is structural.

The reason why you need a permit is that the potential buyers will want to see proof that all work has been done transparently and lawfully. Additionally, this protects you from fines and keeps you safe from the long arm of the law.

How Long does it Take to Reroof a House?

The entire process should take weeks, including the research part which includes finding the right team for the job and signing the documents. However, if we’re strictly referring to the reroofing task, it should take around 2-5 days for a complete tear-off and reroof process. Of course, if your roof is bigger, or the team you have hired only has a few specialists available, the entire process might take up to two weeks.