Advanced Home Warranty Review

Advanced Home Warranty is a home warranty provider that offers coverage nationwide. Since they were founded in 2014 as a sister company to Choice Home Warranty, they’ve been offering plans designed to protect homeowners from high repair and replacement fees. This review of Advanced Home Warranty is going to help guide you through the home warranty selection process, clarify what their packages offer, and explore whether their cost supports the value they provide to homeowners.

Advanced Home Warranty is unique in the fact that they exclusively focus on the big-ticket appliances and systems in your home. They offer two plan types at a reasonable cost, but don’t offer any additional “add on” coverage options that many other companies offer their customers to make their plans more customizable. While this does mean Advanced Home Warranty has fewer options for customers, their prices are slightly lower than that of their competitors, and their nationwide coverage is something that not every home warranty company can bring to the table.

Advanced Home Warranty Review – What’s Covered?

Advanced Home Warranty covers the basics in both of their plans.

Plan TypeCoverage
Basic PlanHeating System, Electrical System, Plumbing System, Dishwasher, Microwave, and Garage Door Opener
Total PlanEverything in the Basic Plan AND Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, and Clothes Washer/Dryer

Unlike many home warranty companies, Advanced Home Warranty doesn’t offer protection or insure the coverage of more specific systems – like ducts, or your pool/spa. While this may seem like a negative for some, for others who just want the basic coverage and the insurance home warranty provides, these plans offer a more cost effective option.

Advanced Home Warranty Review – What’s the Cost?

Advanced Home Warranty charges $370/year for their Basic plan and $450/year for their Total plan. They also charge $60/service call – which is fairly average across the home warranty industry. The Advanced Home Warranty plans are simple and straightforward, which can be wonderful for someone who is looking for basic coverage.

They also cost slightly less than the plans of some of their competitors. However, they don’t cost so much less that they’re the best priced on the market. Other home warranty companies tout an endless list of services or appliances and systems that are covered for only $50 more each year – putting Advanced Home Warranty at a pricing disadvantage.

Is Advanced Home Warranty safe?

In a word – yes. Although Advanced Home Warranty is a fairly new company without very many online reviews and a fairly simple website, they are the sister company to Choice Home Warranty. Choice Home Warranty has long been known as a reputable home warranty company who offers excellent quality of service and has many positive online reviews.

The Bottom Line

Advanced Home Warranty is not an all-inclusive home warranty company. However, they are very clear about their terms of service and the coverage they offer on their website. In other words, Advanced Home Warranty isn’t pretending to be something they’re not. Their prices are lower than many of their competitors, like American Home Shield, but if you’re looking for more inclusive service, Advanced may not be for you.

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