American Home Guardian Home Warranty Review

American Home Guardian Home Warranty is an Arizona-based home warranty company offering repairs and replacements through their home warranty protection plans. The company has a small team listed, consisting of Chad Forbush (President), Margie Held (Manager), and Scott Jolley (Customer Service). American Home Guardian was founded in 2003, and has been serving individuals in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Texas since then.

American Home Guardian offers a two-tier plan system consisting of the Value plan and the Premier plan. Both plans offer coverage for the repair and replacement of several different home appliances and systems, making them an interesting contender in the home warranty industry. This review of American Home Warranty is intended to help guide you through what they offer, their quality of service, and whether the value they bring to their customers is worth their cost.

American Home Guardian Review – What’s Covered?

American Home Guardian offers two plans – the Value plan and the Premier plan.

Plan TypeCoverage
the value planheating system,
air conditioning system,
pipe leaks/plumbing,
garbage disposal,
water heater,
all electrical system components,
kitchen appliances (excluding refrigerators),
ceiling fans,
and garage door openers
the premier planEverything the value plan covers
central vacuum system,
trash compactor,
failure of systems,
code violation corrections,
haul away of broken appliances,
sump pump,
water heater recirculating pump,
and all refrigerator components
and duct work

In addition to both plans, American Home Guardian offers several add-on options, like a pool/spa, detached casitas, roof leak repair, water softener, and additional appliances.

American Home Guardian Review – What’s the Cost?

Unlike many of their competitors, American Home Guardian is incredibly upfront about their pricing – which is appreciable. Their Value plan is priced at $395/year, while their Premier plan is priced at $595/year. Their service fees range between $60-65/service call, and they openly list a price associated with each “add on” option you can select for your personalized coverage on their website.

Is American Home Guardian safe?

American Home Guardian has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is better than several of their competitors. Overall, they’ve received a whopping 84% of positive reviews. In general, many home warranty review sites only have 40-50% of reviews listed as positive for different home warranty companies – so this speaks volumes about the excellent customer service that American Home Guardian provides.

The Bottom Line

American Home Guardian review discovers that the company is both upfront about their costs, service coverage, and what their customers can expect from them. This is more than most home warranty companies can say – which is why we believe that their slightly higher cost is worth the value they provide. Some home warranty companies cost only $150-200/year, but their reviews and quality of service often make it clear that they aren’t worth working with. This isn’t the case with American Home Guardian, as the vast majority of their customers who have given a review seem incredibly happy with the service they’ve provided.

Finally, it’s important to note that American Home Guardian openly lists that they cover a few things that other home warranty companies do not. For example, their Premier plan lists that it covers haul-away service for broken appliances, crane operation when needed, and that they will repair/replace systems and appliances due to preexisting conditions and wear-and-tear like dust, rust, and mineral build up. Many home warranty companies would use these things as loopholes to skip coverage. This is just another way that American Home Guardian goes above and beyond to serve their customers.

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