Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty is an insurer of home appliances and home systems. This type of coverage is above and beyond homeowners insurance. Choice Home Warranty was established in 2005 and its headquarters are located in Edison, NJ. The company is privately held and it has less than 500 employees. Marla Ramirez is the Chief Operating Officer for CHW and has been for 4 years. Victor Mandalawi is the founder and President of CHW, and it is regulated in Florida.

Choice Home Warranty Coverage and Plans

Choice Home Warranty offers several different levels of coverage for homeowners.

Basic Plan Coverage:

In a Basic Choice Home Warranty plan it will cover the following: Heating Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Plumbing Stoppage, Water Heater, Whirlpool Bathtub, Over, Range, Stove, Cooktop, Dishwasher, Built-In Microwave, Garbage Disposal, Ductwork, Garage Door Opener, and Ceiling and Exhaust Fans. A Basic Plan is roughly $25-30 a month depending on where coverage is being offered.

Total Plan Coverage:

In the Total Plan Coverage with Choice Home protection will cover all of the above and also the following: Air Conditioning System, Refrigerator, Clothes Washer, and Clothes Dryer. The Total Plan is roughly $35-40 a month depending on where coverage is being offered.

Additional Options:

Choice Home Warranty Plans offer add-ons for its customers with additional home systems and appliances warranties that they may need coverage on. Such add-ons include: Pool / Spa ($12/mo), Central Vacuum ($2/mo), Well Pump ($6/mo), Sump Pump ($2/mo), Limited Roof Leak ($5/mo), Stand Alone Freezer ($3/mo), Additional Refrigerator ($3/mo), Septic System ($8/mo), and Septic Tank Pumping ($5/mo).

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Choice Home Warranty Cost

Typically there is a $60 service fee for each service call, similarly to other large companies like Select Home Warranty. This fee could be higher depending on your location. If on average a homeowner calls for service two times a year, costing $60 for each service call, the average yearly cost for a Basic Plan is $420. If the homeowner has the Total Plan the average yearly cost is $540.

Before any repairs or maintenance the average cost of a service call without a home warranty is over $100. If the average homeowner makes two calls a year, that is already $200 before any repairs or maintenance is done to the home appliances or systems. The national average cost for a repair to an air conditioning system is $193-311, with the low end being only $53 but on the high end being $932. To replace instead of repair an air conditioning system the prices range from $600-$1900 for a national median size home.

Some may try to repair or replace by DIY, while there is a cost savings if the repair or replacement is done correctly the first time, if you have to “repair” the repair or replacement the cost savings can quickly dwindle. Small tasks where YouTube videos explain how to repair something or replace it can save homeowners time, energy and money. A simple repair that is an easy example of something most any homeowner can tackle is replacing the seal on a refrigerator door. The cost of the replacement seal is very inexpensive, but to have a service person come would be at least $100, depending on your area.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that homeownership is not cheap, and there are lots of unexpected expenses that could be looming in the future. One good way to budget for these unforeseen expenses is to buy a home warranty. This allows you to budget your monthly expense for repairs or possible replacement of all major home appliances and home systems.

Choice Home Warranty Reviews

One review of Choice Home Warranty from Trinace Johnson in Richmond, VA states “Choice Home Warranty was very prompt in addressing my issues when service needed to be done to my home. You really can’t beat what they do for the price. I am extremely glad that I chose to do business with them.”

Douglas Jacobsen from Franklin, TN says, “I have Choice Home Warranty for over 2 years, they are very professional. I would highly recommend them for a home warranty service.”

Misconceptions of Homeownership

While many people believe that homeownership means that you take on all kinds of repairs, maintenance and replacements on your own, it doesn’t have to be that way. More homeowners are learning about home warranties and choosing to build this cost into their budget, rather than taking on the expenses themselves when they arise.

Even if you built a home there are things that can go wrong that are outside of a manufacturers warranty, so to be on the safe budget friendly side of unexpected expenses use a home warranty to be prepared. Everyone can benefit from having a home warranty. If you are independently wealthy or if you live pay check to pay check no one wants to spend money unexpectedly on home repairs.

Home Warranty Misconceptions

The saying, “The Customer is Always Right,” doesn’t bode well when it comes to home warranties in general. According to the Better Business Bureau, most home warranty companies do not earn an A+ rating. What does that mean? All Home Warranty Insurance policies are bad? Not at all! In fact while reading these complaints, many of them have to do with the customer misunderstanding what the home warranty actually covers and will pay for. There are policies and procedures just like with filing a claim with any insurance company.

To remedy this misconception prior to purchasing a home warranty from any company, make sure you read and understand what you are purchasing so you do not end up with buyer remorse when the service does not cover something you “expected” it to.


Choice Home Warranty offers a valuable service for its customers. They offer add-ons to cover addition appliances and home systems that could help a homeowner budget and save money on costly repairs and needed service. As with any product or service it is always wise to research the company and product prior to purchasing.

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