Pride Home Warranty Review

Owning a home has long been viewed as the American Dream and while many are able to achieve this dream, homeownership also comes with unexpected expenses. Pride Home Warranty has you covered for those unexpected expenses in your new home. They offer a service to cover existing home appliances and home systems for those unexpected repairs and replacements.

Pride Home Warranty Coverage and Plans

Platinum Plan: The Platinum Plan covers the following appliances and home systems: heating systems, electrical system, plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, garbage disposal, cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, ductwork, stove / oven / range, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, and garage door opener.

Platinum Plus Plan: Pride Home Warranty’s Platinum Plan Plus includes all of the above and the kitchen refrigerator, clothes washer, clothes dryer and the air conditioning system.

Custom plans are also available with Pride Home Warranty. Custom plans could include: pool, spa, well pump, water softener, central vacuum, sump pump, second refrigerator, refrigerator ice maker, limited roof leak, septic system and deep freezer.

Coverage for the home warranty is effective after 30 days from purchase, unless you can provide proof of coverage from another home warranty company, proving there was no lapse in coverage.

Pride Home Warranty Cost

The cost of a home warranty varies by plan and location but on average the monthly cost is between $30-$45. These plans may have a service call fee depending on your location and plan it varies between $50-75. These service call fess are much less than you would pay to call yourself to have a professional service person come out to your home. Most professional service calls run between $90-100 before tax.

Bottom Line

Many homeowners are choosing a home warranty over than not and feel that the low monthly fee is worth it especially when something goes wrong in the early months of homeownership or when multiple repairs are needed within a short period of time. Home warranties definitely help the monthly budget when costly repairs or replacements hit.

Pride Home Warranty Reviews

Reading reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website about Pride Home Warranty shows a positive reflection of the business thus far. It takes great customer service for people to report good claims versus the other. If you look at home warranty companies as a whole on the Better Business Bureau you will see it is pretty clear that many policyholders did not fully understand what their policy actually covered and the process for a claim.

Misconceptions of Homeownership

The American Dream of homeownership depicts building equity in your home and being able to create stability in your life with your family. What isn’t usually part of the American Dream is the repairs and upkeep of the homes. Learning how to handle regular maintenance and repairs on your own. Homes rarely come with a full instruction guide. While appliances and home systems do have instructions they are usually lost between homeowners and moves. Newer appliances and home systems have instructions for routine care online, but older units are pretty hit or miss on if you can find out how to maintain them on your own.

Misconceptions of Home Warranties:

Home warranties offer coverage for those existing & working home appliances and home systems. Some misconceptions of home warranties are that they will replace a unit just because it is listed under their coverage. This is not true, covered items need to have routine care and if the routine care is not performed the homeowner is negligent of their responsibilities of maintaining the unit. Negligence is not caring for your homes appliances and home systems creating issues that need to be repaired or requiring replacement of the unit or units. Home warranties coverage is for home appliances and home systems that are being cared for and when regular wear and tear happen or something breaks the policy is there to help cover costs.


Homeowners are more than not opting to purchase a home warranty to help cover unexpected expenses when buying their new homes. A home warranty covers home appliances and home systems in event that a repair or replacement is needed. This coverage helps bridge the financial gap for homeowners with a small monthly fee and a service call fee that can save homeowners thousands of dollars if certain or multiple home appliances or home systems require repair or maintenance within a short period of time.

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