Florida Pool Warranties

Florida Pool Warranties

Do you live in Florida or another Sun Belt state? Then odds are you’re probably the lucky owner or soon-to-be owner of a swimming pool. Spend just a few minutes to dive into all kinds of valuable information about the construction, maintenance, and repair of swimming pools on our Florida pool warranty page.

We will calculate the main costs associated with swimming pools and look for smart ways to minimize the pool insurance costs on the way to your dream – a spacious swimming pool. We’ll also look at the ways Florida’s home warranties will come in handy on your search for a pool that’s right for you.

Let’s start with the construction

So, what do you need to build a pool? Construction material and human resources are needed, of course, as well as design ideas for the realization of our plan. All these factors affect the cost of construction of a swimming pool. The main materials of pools are vinyl, fiberglass or concrete with tiles. For the installation, we will also need pipes, filters, pumps, and as you might have guessed, water.

According to our research, the self-installation of a pool costs from $6,000 to $30,000. If you hire professionals to install the pool, you will have to pay an additional $9,000 to $50,000. Now, you can calculate on your own how much your dream costs.

What do you do with it now?

Finally, after the end of the construction, you can relax and have fun in the water. But building your dream pool is just the beginning. Now, we should think about how much we have to pay so that our enjoyment and investment last longer. Could a Florida pool warranty come in handy?

We did some research on pool maintenance and learned that average maintenance costs range from $30 to $240 per month. These include the cost of regular filters cleaning, the purchase of chemicals to maintain water quality, the cost of electricity for heating, etc. One would think that it’s possible to save a little, right? Probably yes, but only until some time, when, without proper maintenance, something serious breaks out and you run into an expensive pool repair. As you know, a leak, faulty filter, or a broken pipe can require a significant sum to fix. We have calculated that the replacement of one of the main parts of the pool ranges from $160 to $1,200.

How can a home warranty with pool coverage in Florida?

Now you can calculate the investment value in the pool. It starts at about $15,000 and increases every year. Do you want to risk leaving an expensive investment like that without adequate insurance to protect it? We know you want a pool to enjoy and relax in, not to stress about maintenance and repairs. In this case, you can purchase a home warranty that covers the pool from any of the home warranty companies in Florida listed on this site. With a contract from one of the best home warranty companies, you can enjoy your pool without thinking about any unexpected costly pool repairs, paying only $75- $125 call fee in case of any malfunction.

How do you choose the swimming pool insurance?

A good home warranty with pool coverage can make life much easier when things go wrong, but how do you find the right home warranty? Florida home warranty companies offer various plans that cover the basic appliances and systems in your home. If your main goal is to protect the pool, focus on the best home warranty plans with a minimum amount of covered items (they are usually pretty cheap) and optional pool coverage.

For example for pool warranty in Florida, you can use Select home warranty, Total Home Protection, and Choice Home Warranty.

How much does a pool increase a home warranty?

Typically, the average cost of optional pool coverage in Florida ranges from $100 to $200 per year, and the limit is up to $10,000. The coverage limit is a very important point as it denotes how much will be covered for any given repair.

What is your decision?

So, what would you rather choose – having to do your own expensive pool maintenance and repairs when things go wrong, or the security and freedom of coming home to a warranty-protected pool that you can enjoy with your family? A swimming pool is a place for stress-free relaxation, but if it develops unexpected maintenance problems it can quickly become a very expensive nightmare.

Each independent repair of the pool starts at a minimum of $200, and can easily range up to and over double that amount for more serious repairs. If the pool owner enjoys the benefits of any Florida home warranty that covers pools, they only have to pay for the optional coverage and the deductibles, which amount to $175 – $325 per year in total.

If we assume that your pool will not need to be repaired during the whole year, then it is impractical to pay to a home warranty company. But in hot states like Florida, pools are in use year-round and the need for maintenance and repairs is much greater, so using the services of a home warranty with pool coverage is an easy choice to make.