Florida Plumbing Coverage


Many of us need the services of a plumber several times a year. Usually, these are urgent repairs of the water pipes, as well as drain and gas pipes, or even plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. However, plumbing does not just consist of pipes, heating and water heaters. Problems with Florida plumbing can be also associated with swimming pools due to environmental factors.

According to the laws of Florida, all companies that deal with plumbing must have a special license – the Plumbing Contractors license. The main requirements for plumbing companies to obtain that license are four years of work experience, special exams, and general liability insurance. It means that there are a limited number of plumber professionals. Unfortunately, plumbing issues occur without any warning and you have no choice but to address them immediately. Therefore, it may be very difficult in an urgent situation to find a specialist who provides plumbing services in Orlando, for example, when you are flooding your kitchen or your neighbor’s house.

Plumbing problems aren’t just unpleasant, they are always expensive as well. Not only does the cause of the leak itself needs to be eliminated, but leaking water could also cause undesirable damage throughout the house such as wooden floor rot, mold, and others. A contract with a home warranty provider will help solve these problems. All you need to do is to inform the company about the breakdown as soon as it happens. Then the representatives of your home warranty provider, who have licensed contractors, will do everything themselves. The problem will be solved within a couple of days. You will only need to pay a service call fee, which is on average $60-$120.

A study done on more than 60 home warranties showed that there are 32 home warrany companies in Florida which offer their services in that state. including Select Home Warranty and American Home Guardian. Within their basic home warranty plans, 97% of these companies cover plumbing, and 69% of them cover plumbing stoppages.  

What Do Home Warranty Companies in Florida Cover for Plumbing System?

The number of home warranty companies that cover the items in the plumbing category

In general, a home warranty covers the cost of a repair or replacement of home appliances that experience a mechanical failure due to normal use. As the chart shows, the majority of the companies cover toilet tanks, water and waste lines, drain lines and showers. The terms of every home warranty vary, and providers in Florida offer different types of plans based on the customer’s needs. Basically, plumbing coverage includes leaks and breaks of water, drain, gas, waste or vent lines. In addition, there are companies such as American Home Shield, which offer flexible plans that allow you to choose the best fit for your needs and you can customize your plan so that you have the exact coverage you want.

However, in almost all cases, this coverage is limited to just the foundation of your house. Also, each home warranty plumbing coverage plan has a limit from $500 up to $25,000. The percentage distribution of plumbing coverage limits that companies offer is shown on the bar chart below. You can increase the number of items covered or the dollar limit with optional plumbing coverage from $25 to $108 per year.

Percentage distribution of plumbing coverage limits for Florida home warranty companies

Along with the air conditioner and the refrigerator, most customers complain about problems with plumbing, and more than 120 such reviews have been collected over the past two years. For example, a client was satisfied with basic plumbing coverage, however, he was unhappy with claim denial as well as communication problems.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues are inevitable in any home. And when there is overflowing or leakage, it brings peace of mind to know it can be fixed at minimum cost. Choose one of the best home warranty companies in Florida and relax knowing that your home plumbing system is protected in the event of a malfunction.