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Are Home Warranty Companies Scams?

If you’ve ever gone about buying a home warranty, you probably ended up thinking at some point: “Are home warranty companies scams?” There are many differing opinions about the home warranty industry, and as in any field, there are both reliable and unreliable companies. Bad home warranty companies provide subpar service because they’ll skimp on […]

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Why Home Insurance is a Must in a State like Florida?

Surprisingly, Florida state does not legally require you to have home insurance. Sure, the mortgage companies likely wouldn’t let this slide, but it’s surprising that such a necessary product is not compulsory. Legal or not though, home insurance is an absolute must. Florida, in particular, makes insurance all the more important. Florida weather The weather […]

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Top Florida Cities and Their Top Neighborhoods for Your Lifestyle

If you’ve been bitten by the bug to relocate to a warmer climate, Florida has probably caught your attention. We have researched and read to find the top neighborhoods for you to check out when considering your move. While what is the best neighborhood is strictly subjective to each family, we want to provide a […]

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Home Warranties: the Good and the Bad

Years of negative reviews do not always mean the company is a bad company. They would not still be in business if a company denied every claim but customers are far more likely to file a complaint than to provide a compliment. This is true in all industries as well as home warranties. Home warranties […]

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The Florida Housing Market in 2017, early 2018 and predictions for 2019

Florida’s housing market is on metaphorical fire! Florida’s home construction industry is busy building new homes to support a robust economy and growing population. While it is also rebuilding homes from hurricane damage, Florida is still lacking in supply of homes for its new and current residents. What is the Florida Real Estate Market Been […]

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