Total Protect Home Warranty Review

TotalProtect Home Warranty is a product of Cross Country Home Services, Inc. and is based in Sunrise, Florida. This review of TotalProtect will help you to decide whether or not they’re a good fit for your unique home protection and insurance needs. Over the course of the review, we’ll go over what TotalProtect covers, what their pricing looks like, whether or not they’re a safe and credible company, and who they’ll be an excellent fit for.

On TotalProtect’s website, you’ll find a wide range of resources for both existing and potential customers. They showcase their different plans and pricing (based on your location), easy access to your account or to request a repair service, information about their guarantees and service providers, and a unique guide to how home warranties can save you money and protect your home.

Is Total Protect Home Warranty also Named Total Home Protection Home Warranty?

The simple answer is no! As confusing as it may sound, there is another company we have not covered named Total Home Protection. Don’t be mistaken by the similarity in names!

Total Protect Home Warranty Review – What’s Covered?

TotalProtect offers three unique plans that are intended to help their customers pick the coverage they need – and not overpay for coverage they don’t need. These plans are:

Plan Type

What’s Covered

Appliances PlanRefrigerator, Cooktop/Range, Wall Oven, Range Exhaust Hood, Microwave, Trash Compactor, Dishwasher, Clothes Washer/Dryer
Systems PlanGarbage Disposal, Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Water Heater, Toilets, Plumbing Systems, Whirlpool Bath, Sump Pump, Exhaust Fan, Central Vacuum, Door Bells, Garage Door Opener, Smoke Detectors, Main Breaker, Interior Electrical Lines, Interior Gas Lines
Combo PlanEverything from both plans above

Is TotalProtect Home Warranty safe?

TotalProtect is an accredited company with a lot of positive reviews online both from private review sites and Consumer Affairs. Additionally, their parent company, Cross Country Home Services, Inc., is an accredited company that serves customers nationwide.

Additionally, TotalProtect offers a 180 day guarantee – which many home warranty companies don’t offer. Essentially, this means that work done through the company (either a repair or replacement) is guaranteed for a full 180 days after it’s complete. This essentially makes work done through TotalProtect completely worry-free because you’ll either get quality work done or get your money back.

The Bottom Line

TotalProtect is a home warranty company who offers very tailored plans to their customers. This, in many ways, is incredibly beneficial. A lot of home warranty customers don’t need coverage for both appliances and home systems – one or the other is enough to protect them against the damage they’re concerned about. By offering these different options and a combination plan option, TotalProtect allows their customers to tailor their unique home warranty protection plan to their specific needs.

TotalProtect also costs less than many of their competitors. Although the difference isn’t anything dramatic, it is significant enough (about $50/year depending on the plan) to make them worth considering.

Finally, TotalProtect has phenomenal reviews on Consumer Affairs and other review sites. One satisfied customer says on Consumer Affairs, “We had had a home warranty with the previous company. They kept raising their prices so, we started looking for another company and someone referred me to TotalProtect. We live in the desert, so it’s really hot in the summer and air-conditioning is a must. We submitted a claim due to a problem with our AC unit and they were very responsive and addressed the problem quickly. They sent a company out that we enjoyed working with. The technician was wonderful, he kept us informed of what was going on and got the problem fixed. It’s been several months now since the repair and the AC has been working fine. We’re very happy.”

Positive reviews at a fair price – many home warranty companies can’t beat that!

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